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Krakow Development Strategy - This is where I want to live. Krakow 2030

2030 sets the horizon which will allow us to rise above our current tasks and design the future of Krakow so that it fully corresponded with the metropolitan ambitions of the city and our aspirations.

The Krakow Development Strategy 2030 is a kind of a social contract between us, the residents of Krakow.

In developing it, we went beyond standard social consultations. Numerous meetings, debate and, brainstorms enabled everyone to join in with the work on this project and present their own ideas for improving the city.

To design a common space that would serve everyone without any exceptions is not an easy task. By submitting a document that is the result of our cooperation, we are sure that we have met this challenge.

The Krakow of the future will be a strong European metropolis. This will be a smart city, open to the needs of residents, creating a common space in which everyone can find inspiration for action and comprehensive development.

We have developed this vision of the future of Krakow jointly - officials, residents, representatives of academic, business and creative environments - and we will all be implementing it jointly.

In our Krakow, the city where we want to live.

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Osoba publikująca: Jadwiga Kozień
Podmiot publikujący: Rozwój Krakowa
Data publikacji: 2021-12-01
Data aktualizacji: 2021-12-10

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